Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond Fund


You need a steady hand to successfully manage a bond fund in a world of scarce yields and rising interest rates. Franklin Bissett offers a wealth of bond investment expertise built on more than 30 years as a fixed income manager. Supported by the collective knowhow of over 170 Franklin Templeton fixed income specialists around the world, Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond Fund managers skillfully combine Canadian core bonds with non-core fixed income opportunities, to seek superior risk-adjusted returns and a consistent income stream.

Long-Term Investing Success1

Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond Fund – Series F
Growth of $10,000 as of April 30, 2018, since inception on August 1, 1986.

A Solid Foundation, Plus Added Sources of Value

A Well Diversified Portfolio

Flexible diversification across bond types, corporate sectors, credit quality ratings, maturities, currencies and countries.

Generous Payouts

Distribution rate substantially higher than the peer group average over the last 7 years 3

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

With better returns and less risk than major fixed income benchmarks, the fund can help diversify your portfolio

A Well Diversified Portfolio2

As of March 31, 2018

Bond Types (%Total)
Canadian Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds 38.41
Provincial Bonds 23.43
Federal Bonds 12.32
Foreign Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds 9.77
Bank Loans 5.65
Municipal Bonds 5.36
High Yield Corporate Bonds 5.06
Yield to Worst (%) 3.36
Duration (Years) 7.11
Average Coupon (%) 3.94
Corporate Sectors (% Corp. Bonds)
Financial 29.95
Energy 25.16
Infrastructure 9.64
Bank Loans 9.60
Communication 8.87
Industrial 8.21
Real Estate 6.48
Securitization 2.09
Credit Rating (% Total)
AAA 15.11
AA 22.80
A 31.24
BBB 22.14
BB 4.88
B 2.64
CCC 0.94
Average (ex cash) 0.09
Maturity (% Total)
Floating-Rate Notes 7.33
< 5 Years 22.23
5-10 Years 32.56
10+ Years 37.89
Country % Total
Canada 76.04
United States 11.50
United Kingdom 1.00
Netherlands 0.81
Other 10.65

Payouts Consistently Higher than the Peer Group3

12-Month Trailing Distribution Rate as of December 31, 2017 (%)

Competitive Returns4

Annualized Returns (%) as of April 30, 2018

Favourable Risk-Return Profile5

As of April 30, 2018