Canadian Mutual Funds

We offer Canadian mutual funds with potential to grow the value of your initial investment over time. Franklin Templeton is a global leader in mutual fund investing, which gives investors the benefits of diversification, active management, liquidity and affordability.

Types of Canadian Funds

We’ve delivered high-quality Canadian mutual funds to investors for 65 years:

Equity funds with stock portfolios for potential long-term growth and capital appreciation. Our equity funds have global support for trading and risk management. Balanced mutual funds invest in a combination of equities and fixed income securities. This mix tends to make balanced funds less risky than equity funds but more risky than fixed income funds.

Fixed income funds with a disciplined, risk-controlled approach to investing in bonds and debt securities. Our fixed income teams have deep expertise in all major sectors of the fixed income market.

Mutual fund portfolios of ETFs that are a simple and diversified option for investing in ETFs. You don’t have to worry about making asset-allocation decisions, buying and selling ETFs, or monitoring investments.

Franklin LibertyShares ETFs® include competitively-priced Canadian ETFs for building Canadian portfolios.


Talk to your advisor or call our Client Services team at 1 (800) 387-0830 to learn more about Franklin Templeton’s range of Canadian mutual funds and ETFs.