Balanced Funds

What is a Balanced Fund?

A balanced fund is a simple way to access broader investment opportunities available in both equity and fixed income markets. Portfolio managers have the flexibility to adjust the fund's asset allocation to capitalize on market opportunities, while mitigating risks at the same time.

Our balanced funds invest in a mix of equity and fixed income securities, and they aim to balance the goals of generating higher returns associated with equities with a focus on managing risks. Balanced funds are designed for investors who want a mixture of safety, income and capital appreciation. Typically, balanced funds have less risk than a pure equity fund, but more risk than a pure fixed income fund.

Our Approach

Franklin Templeton is a global leader in multi-asset investing – we have more than 1300 investment professionals working in 34 countries.1 Franklin Templeton Canada2 started in 1954 when Sir John Templeton launched Templeton Growth Fund, Ltd., which brought global equity investing to all Canadians.

Our various multi-asset teams specialize in different aspects of multi-asset investing, which includes balanced funds. These teams draw on Franklin Templeton’s extensive investment expertise, global risk management and trading platforms.

Our actively managed multi-asset funds offer exposure to a range of asset classes, sectors, strategies, styles and regions. This diversification, together with active portfolio management, allows our funds to balance risk with reward and to help investors meet their long-term goals.

How to Invest in Balanced Funds

Talk to your advisor or call our Client Services team at 1 (800) 387-0830 to learn more about balanced funds and Franklin Templeton’s range of mutual funds and ETFs.