Protecting and growing wealth

Fiduciary Trust Canada has been successfully providing wealth management solutions to affluent Canadians for over 35 years. We are investment counselors who help clients preserve and grow their capital. We are trust and estate specialists who help plan and transfer assets to the next generation. A trusted and proven private wealth boutique, backed by the global strength of Franklin Templeton Investments, affords client’s access to best in class portfolio managers and the exclusive investment opportunities of a global investment leader.

Private Wealth Counsel

As discretionary investment managers, Fiduciary Trust of Canada's clients delegate the daily handling of their portfolio(s) to us, confident in our approach and track record. To begin answering your criteria, here are the basics of how we manage money. We:

  • Believe managing risk and preserving capital is as important as growing your investments.
  • Construct balanced portfolios, diversified by geography, market capitalization and sector.
  • Add value by active management—adjusting portfolio exposure to exploit relative valuation differences among various investments.
  • Manage for maximum tax efficiency where possible.
  • Invest on behalf of individuals, families, trusts, foundations and endowments.
  • Can seamlessly integrate your investments with your wealth transfer plans.

We invite you to explore how we build portfolios and manage risk to meet your long-term needs.

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Introducing Private Wealth Pools

Three exclusive investment portfolios offering strategic asset allocation based on long-term capital market expectations. Leveraging the 35 plus years of Fiduciary Trust’s proven wealth management expertise, these pools were designed specifically for private wealth investors.

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Trust and Estate Services

Responsible stewardship of wealth at Fiduciary Trust Canada involves more than managing investments. It also involves planning for the effective transfer of your family wealth in keeping with your values and goals.

At Fiduciary Trust Canada, we:

  • Help create wealth transfer plans that balance financial goals–such as protecting assets from creditors and minimizing taxes–with personal goals such as reducing family conflict or uncertainty about the future.
  • Believe choosing an executor or trustee is a critical decision that is best based on a candidate's skill and availability.
  • Work with your existing team (or help you create a team) of lawyers, tax advisors, financial advisors and co-executors or co-trustees to ensure your wishes are translated into plans and executed as you intended.
  • Believe your wealth transfer plan and arrangements should be as unique as your family and you.
  • Believe an effective wealth management strategy aligns investment, trust and estate plans.

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