Automatic Rebalancing Service

It's important to have an investment plan, but it's just as important to stay on course.

As markets pass through various cycles, the asset allocation of the funds within your portfolio can shift away from the balance you and your investment advisor originally chose. Franklin Templeton's Automatic Rebalancing Service is an easy and flexible way to maintain the asset allocation you want.

A key benefit of this service is that you do not need to constantly send instructions to your advisor to rebalance your investment portfolio. Regular rebalancing can also help to maintain the long-term risk profile you prefer and may lead to better results over time.

3 Steps to Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Start by completing an Automatic Rebalancing Service form with your investment advisor. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Target asset mix: Select which of your funds that will be subject to the Automatic Rebalancing Service along with your target asset allocation percentages.
  2. Variance trigger: Select the maximum percentage by which the funds you select for the Automatic Rebalancing Service can deviate from your target asset mix before triggering a rebalancing.
  3. Rebalancing frequency: Choose whether you want your selected funds rebalanced on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Your account will be reviewed and, if necessary, rebalanced on the second last business day of the month ending the quarter, semi-annual period or year.

To take advantage of this service from Franklin Templeton Investments, and for more information on how it can help you achieve your long-term investment goals, please speak to your investment advisor today.