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Prepare for what's next

Franklin Quotential Portfolios

You can’t predict what will happen next in the markets but you can be prepared. The program uses advanced strategies within each of its target-risk portfolios to seize opportunities in a carefully calibrated risk framework.

The Quotential Difference
An investment philosophy that delivers results through all markets
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Global Approach. Canadian Perspective.
Centred in Canada, the investment team includes 80+ professionals located in 9 countries

Institutional-Style Diversification
Access to over 180 investment strategies in a single portfolio

6 Targeted Multi-Asset Solutions
To suit a wide range of investor goals and risk tolerances

Tax-Efficient Cash Flow*
For investors who rely on regular cash flow from their investments


    Manager Insights


    Franklin Quotential’s multi-asset portfolios can help investors address complex risk-management and investment challenges by combining critical disciplines of investment management into a single portfolio.

    Strategic Asset Allocation

    Based on forward-looking capital market expectations


    Manager & Strategy Research

    Strategy selection among hundreds of opportunities


    Tactical Asset Allocation

    Nimble short-term tilts that capitalize on opportunities or manage risks


    Risk Centric Framework

    Measure, monitor and manage risk exposures


    Program Overview


    Franklin Quotential's multi-asset portfolios provide investors with an institutional level of diversification by asset class, investment style and geography with little duplication at the security level.



    Managed in Canada, the investment team includes more than 80 professionals from around the globe who collaborate in a disciplined investment process to deliver on each portfolio’s mandate.

    Steve Lingard
    Steve Lingard, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Franklin Quotential
    23 years of experience
    Toronto, Canada
    Mike Greenberg
    Mike Greenberg, CFA, CAIA
    Portfolio Manager
    Franklin Quotential
    14 years of experience
    Toronto, Canada
    Alternative Portfolio Construction Portfolio Managers
    Multi-Asset Portfolio Construction Portfolio Managers
    Alternative Solutions Analysts
    Asset Class Research Analysts
    Multi-Asset Solutions Analysts
    Ops Due Diligence Analysts
    Managers Research Analysts
    Systematic Modeling Analysts
    Franklin Templeton Solutions
    Integrated Risk Management
    Tilak Lal, John Murray & 7 Analysts

    Investment Process


    From a global income-oriented solution to a global equity solution, there is a Franklin Quotential Portfolio to meet a wide range of investor goals and risk tolerances.

    Portfolios at a Glance

    Portfolios at a Glance


    Most Quotential Portfolios are available in a “Return of Capital” series that allows the investor to select a regular cash flow up to a maximum 5-8% (annually).

    Franklin Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio is a popular choice for this feature as it has historically combined a reliable income stream with ongoing capital appreciation and deferred capital gains.

    Flexible Tax-Efficient Income

    Talk to your advisor today about a customized income proposal featuring one of our Franklin Quotential Portfolios.

    Reference Guide

    A Tax-Efficient Income Solution


    Learn more about how the Franklin Quotential portfolios are managed.

    Portfolio Risk and Return Objectives (2:28)

    Approach to Managing Currency (4:45)

    Important Legal Information

    Distributions are not guaranteed and the proportion of income and return of capital will fluctuate depending on Fund returns. Unlike fixed-income securities, there is no obligation to distribute any fixed amount, and reductions in, or suspensions of, distributions may occur that would reduce yield. Distributions are not an indication of performance, rate of return, or yield. Mutual fund distributions are not guaranteed and are set and may change at the discretion of Franklin Templeton Investments Canada.