Franklin Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund

Fund Description

The fund seeks to maximize total return by investing primarily in investment-grade debt instruments of issuers anywhere in the world. The fund may invest up to 30% of its assets in non-investment grade or unrated debt securities.

Active management of its core and opportunistic non-core allocations help the strategy to tap into potentially higher yields and greater returns.

Deploys multiple diversified strategies that benefit in different environments so no one strategy dominates performance, helping to dampen volatility.

Founded in 1971, Western Asset has decades of experience managing fixed income strategies, with a focus on long-term fundamental value investing using a combined top-down and bottom-up approach.


Ken Leech

  • Years with firm: 31

Bellows, John Lewis

  • Years with firm: 9

Lindbloom, Mark S

  • Years with firm: 15

Marki, Frederick R

  • Years with firm: 15

Scholnick, Julien Andrew

  • Years with firm: 18