Global government bonds1 represent a US$66.32 trillion opportunity.

A global team of fixed income experts uses an unconstrained “go anywhere” approach to find investments for Templeton Global Bond Fund. The result is a diversified bond fund that tends to look (and perform) very different from many other investments – making it an attractive complement for many portfolios.

Actively Managing Sources of Alpha

The Fund isolates Investment Ideas by separating them into three buckets based on the sources of alpha: interest rate, currency and sovereign credit exposures. These exposures are actively managed to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Flexible. Go Anywhere Mandate.

The Fund can invest in currencies, interest rates and sovereign credit investments, all independently of a benchmark.

Attractive Complement for Portfolios

With historically low to negative correlations to major equity benchmarks. The fund has delivered strong performance, when equity markets turned negative (especially during broad downturns).

Three Lenses = A New World of Fixed Income

Learn more about what the investment team is doing to manage through the current market environment

Flexible. Go Anywhere Mandate.

Diversified holdings2 (As of March 31, 2020)

Country (% Market Value) 
Norway 9.99
Japan 8.62
Mexico 8.56
Brazil 8.30
South Korea 7.75
Indonesia 6.44
India 3.64
Ghana 3.25
Argentina 2.83
Colombia 2.74
Supranational 0.20
United States 0.00
Currency (% National Exposure) 
Japanese Yen 50.45
U.S. Dollar 16.06
Norwegian Krone 9.99
Indonesian Rupiah 6.44
Swedish Krona 3.30
Ghanaian Cedi New 3.25
Argentine Peso 3.03
Colombian Peso 2.74
Brazilian Real 2.36
Mexican Peso 1.27
Indian Rupee 0.78
South Korean Won 0.33
Credit Rating3 (% Market Value) 
AAA 10.19
AA 7.75
A 9.55
BBB 20.45
BB 8.30
B 3.25
CCC 2.83
Cash & Cash Equivalents 35.13
Average (with cash) A+
Maturity (% Market Value) 
0 to 1 Year 55.55
1 to 2 Years 16.91
2 to 3 Years 1.98
3 to 5 Years 15.70
5 to 7 Years 3.42
7 to 10 Years 1.28
Over 10 Years 1.15
Average Duration 1.13 Years
Yield to Maturity4 3.01%

Attractive Complement for Portfolios

Providing Uncorrelated Returns During Market Downturns5

Delivering Strong Performance Through Active Management6

Calendar Year Returns (%)
As of December 31, 2019

  • Templeton Global Bond - Series F
  • Canada Fund Global Fixed Income Category