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Franklin Quotential Portfolios

Quotential Overview

You can’t predict what will happen next in the markets but you can be prepared. The program uses advanced strategies within each of its target-risk portfolios to seize opportunities in a carefully calibrated risk framework.

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5 Targeted Multi-Asset Solutions

From a global income-oriented solution to a global equity solution, there is a Franklin Quotential Portfolio to meet a wide range of investor goals and risk tolerances.

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Tax-Efficient Cash Flow*

Most Quotential Portfolios are available in a “Return of Capital” series that allows the investor to select a regular cash flow up to a maximum 5-8% (annually).

Franklin Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio is a popular choice for this feature as it has historically combined a reliable income stream with ongoing capital appreciation and deferred capital gains.

Flexible Tax-Efficient Income

Talk to your advisor today about a customized income proposal featuring one of our Franklin Quotential Portfolios.

A Tax-Efficient Income Solution


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Knowledge Centre

Learn more about how the Franklin Quotential portfolios are managed.

Portfolio Risk and Return Objectives (2:28)

Approach to Managing Currency (4:45)