Our Approach

Our actively managed multi-asset funds offer exposure to a broad range of asset classes, sectors, strategies, styles and regions. They may invest in a number of traditional equity and fixed income strategies, index-tracking funds, financial derivatives as well as alternative investments, such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commodities.*

This diversity, together with active portfolio management, allows funds to balance risk with reward and seek to deliver steady, long-term returns for investors, particularly in volatile markets.

Franklin Templeton Investments has various multi-asset teams that specialize in different aspects of multi-asset investing. What these teams have in common is their commitment to investment excellence: they all draw on Franklin Templeton’s extensive international investment expertise, global risk management and trading platforms.

Featured Solutions

Franklin Quotential Program

A suite of comprehensive, actively-managed portfolios that will align to your goals and risk tolerance.

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Franklin Multi-Asset ETF Portfolios

Three sophisticated ETF solutions, that combine the best features of mutual funds and ETFs.

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Private Wealth Pools

Exclusive managed portfolios designed specifically for private wealth investors.

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Multi-Asset Fund Range

Our diverse multi-asset offering ensures that we have a solutions to match any investor need.

Multi-Asset Neutral

Multi-Asset Flexible

Multi-Asset Equity Tilt

Multi-Asset Fixed Income Tilt

How to Invest

Please speak to your investment advisor or call our Client Services Team at 1-800-387-0830 to learn more about Franklin Templeton’s range of multi-asset funds.

*The actual mix of assets used and their proportions in the fund are governed by and monitored against each fund’s prospectus.

**Private wealth pools are for investments of at least $ 100,000.