Global Equity Funds

What is a Global Equity Fund?

Our global equity funds invest in the stocks of companies from around the world, giving you access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

Canada’s stock market represents only 3-4% of the total global equity market and is much more concentrated in a few major economic sectors, such as Energy and Financials, than other markets. Stocks in global markets, including those of developed and emerging markets, represent a wider investment opportunity for Canadians.

Our Approach

Franklin Templeton is a leader in global investing – we have more than 600 investment professionals working in 34 countries.1 Franklin Templeton Canada2 started in 1954 when Sir John Templeton launched Templeton Growth Fund, Ltd., which brought global equity investing to all Canadians. From that day forward we’ve worked to deliver exceptional asset management services across asset classes, geographies and styles.

Our first-hand understanding of local cultures, companies and economies sets us apart as a truly global partner for Canadian investors. Our investment teams are supported by a global platform that includes rigorous compliance and active risk management.

1As of December 31, 2019. Investment professionals include portfolio managers, portfolio managers/analysts, research analysts and traders of Franklin, Templeton, Franklin Mutual Series and subsidiary investment management groups.

2Franklin Templeton Canada is a business name used by Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.


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