Canadian Fixed Income Funds

What is a Fixed Income Fund?

Fixed income funds invest mainly in bonds or other debt securities of governments and corporations. A fixed income fund can provide investors with the potential to earn income and preserve the value of their investments over the long term.

Although the investing environment is becoming more complex, the goals and objectives of an investor’s fixed income portfolio remain consistent. Canadian investors want their fixed income investments to generate returns while managing risks.

Franklin Templeton’s Canadian fixed income funds offer investors the benefits of active management by teams of dedicated fixed income specialists. Investing in actively managed fixed income funds offers several benefits over passive investing:

  1. Active portfolio management supports investor outcomes.
  2. Actively managed fixed income investing can avoid the concentration risks of passive investing.
  3. Active fixed income fund managers can be proactive in responding to market and economic shocks.

Our Approach

Our experience in fixed income investing gives us depth and breadth of expertise in all major sectors of the bond market, including domestic bonds, international and global bonds, emerging market debt, high-yield and investment-grade corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities and bank loans. Each sector is covered by a dedicated team, enabling us to find unique opportunities. Our fixed income investment teams are supported by a global platform to provide rigorous compliance and active risk management.

Franklin Templeton is a global leader in fixed income investing:

  • Franklin Templeton Fixed Income launched its first fixed income portfolio more than 50 years ago. This team consists of more than 145 investment professionals located in offices around the world. It applies a fundamental, research-driven investment approach that focuses on identifying potential sources of high current income worldwide and seeks to capitalize on duration, currency, and credit opportunities to provide the best potential for solid risk-adjusted returns.
  • Templeton Global Macro is a pioneer in unconstrained global fixed income investing, beginning with the launch of Templeton Global Bond Strategy in 1986. The team conducts in-depth global macroeconomic analysis covering thematic topics, regions and countries, and outlooks for interest rates, currencies and sovereign credit markets.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional asset management services and products to Canadian investors.

Our Canadian Fixed Income Funds

For over 35 years, our Franklin Bissett Investment Management team in Calgary has been applying a disciplined team approach to managing portfolios for Canadian investors. We offer a range of fixed income investments in mutual funds and ETFs.

Mutual Funds


How to Invest in Canadian Fixed Income Funds

Talk to your advisor or call our Client Services team at 1 (800) 387-0830 to learn more about Canadian fixed income funds and Franklin Templeton’s range of mutual funds and ETFs.