Canadian Equity Funds

What is a Canadian Equity Fund?

Our Canadian equity funds invest primarily in the stocks of publicly-traded companies in Canada. Like most equity funds, the main objective is to grow the value of your initial investment over time, specifically by providing exposure to specific companies and sectors across the Canadian economy.

Our Canadian equity funds offer investors the benefits of active portfolio management, diversification, liquidity and affordability.

Our Canadian Presence

Franklin Templeton Canada1 has been helping Canadian investors since 1954 when Sir John Templeton launched Templeton Growth Fund, Ltd. in Montreal. This fund brought global equity investing to Canadians. For more than six decades we’ve worked to deliver exceptional asset management services across a range of asset classes, geographies and styles.

We are committed to delivering exceptional asset management services to Canadian investors. Our investment teams in Canada are supported by a global platform that includes rigorous compliance and active risk management.

1Franklin Templeton Canada is a business name used by Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.

How to Invest in Canadian Equity Funds

Talk to your advisor or call our Client Services team at 1 (800) 387-0830 to learn more about our Canadian equity funds and Franklin Templeton’s range of mutual funds and ETFs.