If you are looking to diversify your portfolio beyond stocks, bonds and cash, you may want to consider alternative funds. These funds hold investments, including hedge strategies, that are designed to perform differently than traditional asset classes – an important feature, especially in volatile markets.


Hedge funds are still considered as tools for the ultra-rich. And due to concerns over investment minimums, transparency, liquidity and fees, many investors did not see them as viable options for their portfolios. Until now.

Not only does Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund overcome these barriers, the fund is managed by our K2 Advisors team. Franklin K2 has over 20 years’ experience investing in various hedge strategies and is now one of the largest managers of its kind in the world.

After reviewing a database of more than 10,000 hedge fund managers, the team conducts in-depth research to choose 8 to 10 managers for the portfolio.

How To Invest

Please speak to your investment advisor or call our Client Services Team at 1-800-387-0830 to learn more about Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund.