Managing Volatility

How to navigate unpredictable markets

When markets start tumbling, daily injections of bad news may sound like it will never end. It can spark anxiety, fuel uncertainty, and trigger radical decisions in even the most seasoned investors.

Explore these resources to learn more about market history, investing psychology, and how staying invested can pay off.

Remember, if you’re concerned about market volatility, reach out to a financial professional. They can give you professional advice, go over your financial plan, and help you determine any steps you may need to take.

Blog: Beyond Bulls and Bears
Get the latest insights from our investment experts.

Emotionally Invested: The Market Cycle
Seesawing markets can lead to reckless decisions. Regularly scheduled investments can help keep emotions in check.

Don’t Lose Twice
How long does it take to recover from an investment loss? If you play it too safe, it might take longer than you think.

Where Do We Go from Here?
When markets fall, the next peak usually isn’t far away.

The Battle Between Bulls and Bears
Down markets can be brutal but they have a history of charging back.

Expect Turbulence
And remember: the biggest gains are often in the first 10 days of a rally.

The Power of PACs
Regularly scheduled investments can help you take advantage of market dips.

It doesn’t always pay to follow the crowd.

Loss Aversion
Losing hurts but too much caution can be costly.

Why Diversify?
A diverse portfolio gives you access to the best performing asset classes this year—every year.


Churning markets have a way of inspiring panic in even the most seasoned investors. But panic isn’t a strategy. And history has proven that when it comes to the markets, there are always smooth waters ahead.

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