Own your future

90% of females will be the sole financial decision makers at some point in their life1. Franklin Templeton’s Own Your Future program is designed to empower women to take control of their finances by providing resources that can help you feel confident when searching for the right financial advisor for your needs. The right advisor will not only help you develop a financial plan for your retirement, but can help guide you through difficult transitions and new responsibilities that you will face throughout your life.

Franklin Templeton is committed to supporting female investors and advisors. In 2017, President and CEO Duane W. Green was honoured with the Women in Capital Markets Award for Male Leadership as of a result of his efforts to advance and champion women in the workplace. Learn more here.

Taking control of your finances


Understand your immediate financial needs when dealing with an illness in the family, read tips on how to create a financial plan and information that can help you find the right financial advisor.

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Separation or divorce

Adjust your financial plans after a separation or divorce, learn how to find an advisor who can help during this situation and what questions you should ask when meeting an advisor for the first time.

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Executor of an estate

Learn the responsibilities and duties of an executor, understand who the executor typically works with and what steps you should take when managing the assets of an estate.

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Death of a partner

Prepare to re-evaluate your retirement plan following the death of a partner, understand your financial situation and read tips on what information you should provide to your financial advisor.

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Anyone can be an investor

In this short video, CEO Duane Green speaks to the importance of having a financial plan, at every stage of life.

We are dedicated to diversity in financial services

Franklin Templeton: Proud partner of Girls Who Invest

Franklin Templeton is proud to partner with Girls Who Invest, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership in the asset management industry.

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Women can find a rewarding career in finance

In article, CEO Duane Green discuses opportunities for women in the financial industry.

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Take Control of Your Money

Over the next 10 years, women will be the biggest recipients of wealth transfer. This Globe and Mail article highlights some ways they can find the right financial advisor for their needs.

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The value of an advisor

Franklin Templeton’s 2016 RISE survey found that 60% of women are not confident that they will have enough money in retirement. Even the most diligent savers have trouble meeting their retirement goals when they are investing alone. The right financial advisor can help you create a long-term financial plan that keeps your investments on track and acts like a trusted partner that helps you through the financial challenges of life.

Working with an Advisor: Retirement Savings, by Age Group

Not Working With an Advisor: Retirement Savings, by Age Group