Investing for Post-Secondary Education

Education Savings

Registered Education Savings Plans — or RESPs — are designed to help Canadians save for their children’s post-secondary education. And thanks to government grants, those savings can grow quickly.


Family Plans vs. Individual Plans

Find out what distinguishes Family Plans from Individual Plans.

Grants & Incentives

Learn which government-sponsored incentives may be available to you – and how to apply.

Opening an RESP – preparing for your meeting

Everything you need to open a Franklin Templeton education savings plan.

Contributing to an RESP

Learn about lifetime maximums and the special conditions that apply to beneficiaries who are 16 or 17 years old.

Transferring an RESP to Franklin Templeton

Learn the difference between eligible and ineligible transfers and how to bring your client’s RESP to Franklin Templeton.

Educational Withdrawals

How to withdraw from your RESPs before classes start—and what we accept as proof of enrollment.

Non-Educational Withdrawals

The conditions (and, yes, consequences) of every type of non-educational withdrawal.