Get Active™: The Value of Active Management

Franklin Templeton believes that active management plays a key role in helping clients achieve their desired outcomes as well as improving the journey along the way.

Eight Reasons to take a Fresh Look at Active Management.

A "rising tide" approach to investing has lifted all boats, a trend that favoured passive investments. Yet just as tides are cyclical, the popularity of passive investing may recede as the markets are influenced by a new set of factors.


What Matters Most

The impact of the global financial crisis reminded people of the importance of risk management. Active management and risk management go hand in hand.


We put as much emphasis on understanding an investment’s potential downside as we do on evaluating its upside.”

Peter Langerman, CEO
Franklin Mutual Series

Breaking the Cycle of Investment Regret

In choppy markets, investors can often make irrational decisions because our brains become hyper aware of avoiding “danger” and risks. Learn how an investor’s biases and behaviours can lead to making bad investment decisions.

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February, 2016 | Time to Take STOCK

Optimism, Pessimism and Opportunity

Most investors know the market goes through cycles, but that can be easy to forget when the market has been up for several years in a row.

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March 19, 2015 | Beyond Bulls & Bears

No Free Lunch: The Case for Active Management

Modern portfolio theory and the trauma of the global financial crisis have contributed to the rise of “passive” strategies that charge moderate fees to track a benchmark’s performance. But, these strategies bear risks that we think often go unnoticed.

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January 2015 | No Free Lunch: The Case for Active Management

The Importance of Active Management in Canada

For all of its problems — or perhaps because of them — Canada has become a bit of a stock-picker’s “playground,” one that offers investors just as many opportunities as pitfalls.

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July 3, 2015 | Financial Post

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Active Management's Many Benefits are Poorly Understood
Perhaps it is no wonder that index funds and exchange trade funds are gathering assets fast. Yet active management offers many benefits for investors, though these are poorly understood.

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