State of the Markets Q3 2018Jul 25, 2018

In the latest State of the Markets, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager Michael Greenberg joins colleague Liz Bouthillier, Head of Inside Sales, to discuss some of the major themes that impacted global equity and currency markets in the second quarter of the year. He also reviews some of the current trends the team is watching and how they are positioning the portfolios going forward.

The Quarter in Review

Though trade tensions and slower growth have been major stories, the second quarter of the year was defined by a bounce-back in markets. Some of the key themes of the quarter include the continued outperformance of stocks over bonds, the divergence between developed markets and emerging markets, and the resurgence of the Canadian market.

Looking ahead

The potential outcome of trade wars and protectionist policies could impact businesses and consumers alike. Despite these risks, corporate profits remain strong and there are still fundamentals driving markets. We still believe that equities will provide strong returns in the medium term, especially in select regional markets where we are adding exposure.