State of the Markets Q1 2018Jan 23, 2018

For this edition of our quarterly State of the Markets video series, I sat down with my colleague Liz Bouthillier, Head of Inside Sales at Franklin Templeton Investments Canada, to discuss current market conditions while looking ahead to 2018.

2017 in Review

We review how global markets performed in 2017, some of the macroeconomic trends that contributed to the strong performance of global markets, and how that translated into fund performance. We also look at the portfolios’ fixed income allocation and weighting. For a more detailed review of 2017, read my previous article, Market Surprises of 2017.

Current Trends and Portfolio Positioning

In this video, I look at the current state of the business cycle, consider how central banks might proceed with rising interest rates in different markets and identify where I believe equity valuations are still attractive. In terms of positioning the portfolio, I discuss the importance of being selective with equities and provide insights on a few key markets that should still deliver continued profit growth.

Navigating Market Changes in 2018

Though we have seen a strong start to 2018, I feel that it’s important to keep an eye on market volatility, shifting monetary policy and potential issues with liquidity. In this video, I discuss some of the ways we could reposition the portfolios and adjust the asset mix if there are indications that more defensive positioning is warranted later in the year.

Franklin Templeton Investments Canada is a business name used by Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.

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