2022 Global Investment Outlook

What’s next for markets, economies & portfolios?

With so much uncertainty surrounding inflation, central bank policies, and economic growth (to name a few!), our annual outlook event provided insights on the trends and developments that we believe will impact investment outcomes in 2022 and beyond.

Bill Yun, CFA
EVP, Head of Advisory & Wealth Strategy
Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions

Ian Riach, CFA
SVP, Portfolio Manager
Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions

In conversation with Liz Bouthillier, Bill Yun and Ian Riach share their views on markets, what’s keeping them up at night, and the strategies they are using in their portfolios.

Alex Edmans, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance
London Business School

In this discussion with moderator Linda Nazareth, Professor Alex Edmans delves into his latest research into ESG investing and how to measure sustainability.