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Franklin Innovation Fund
Franklin Innovation Active ETF (FINO)

Innovation is Everywhere

Across all sectors, innovation is a key engine of growth that is creating long-term wealth – and it is accelerating.

Franklin Innovation Fund invests primarily in companies that leverage leading new technologies to benefit as the global economy moves toward a post-pandemic recovery. This strategy is also available as an ETF – Franklin Innovation Active ETF (TSX: FINO).
Franklin Innovation Active ETF invests substantially all of its assets in securities of Franklin Innovation Fund.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Franklin Templeton has a proven track record of identifying innovative companies in rapidly evolving areas of the economy such as e-commerce, cloud computing and health care. The importance of investing in innovation has only been reinforced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Key Reasons to Invest

Investing in Innovation

Innovative companies are generating growth throughout the global economy. Our mastery of the micro (e.g., the gene, atom and byte) will allow us to change the macro and pursue growth potential wherever it is found.

Active Investing

As an active manager, we are especially well placed to capture opportunities from value creation in the post-COVID economy. Our investment teams constantly research and meet with leaders of innovative companies, both public and private. For example, many exciting investment opportunities are being created by advancements in gene sequencing and editing, or the mapping of DNA for diagnostic and curative purposes.

Learn more about genomics and other big technology-enabled themes for investors in a blog by Portfolio Manager Matthew Moberg.

Innovative Environment

Franklin Templeton has been at the forefront of identifying leaders in innovation since 1968, when we launched Franklin DynaTech Fund in the United States to invest in innovative technologies.

Franklin Innovation Fund and Franklin Innovation Active ETF mirror that strategy.

A Diversified Growth Strategy

Fund Performance

In the U.S., for more than 50 years, Franklin DynaTech Fund (FKDNX) has invested primarily in companies that we believe are leaders in innovation. In Canada, Franklin Innovation Fund and Franklin Innovation Active ETF are new funds and their performance information is not yet available. The following performance information for Franklin DynaTech Fund is in U.S. dollars.

Average Annual Total Returns, Advisor Class2
As of Quarter end 12/31/2020

How to Invest

Learn more about Franklin Innovation Fund and Franklin Innovation Active ETF (TSX: FINO) by contacting your Franklin Templeton representative or our Client Services team at 1.800.387.0830 (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET).

Franklin Innovation Fund

  • Identifies the growth potential of the most innovative companies worldwide
  • Focuses on global e-commerce, genetic breakthroughs, intelligent machines, new finance and exponential data
  • Invests in a broadly diversified growth portfolio
  • Mirrors the strategy of a similar fund sold in the U.S. with a successful track record since 1968

Talk to your Franklin Templeton representative to learn more about Franklin Innovation Fund.

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Franklin Innovation Active ETF (TSX: FINO)

  • Invests substantially all of its assets in securities of Franklin Innovation Fund (the underlying fund)
  • Participates in trends moving markets by investing in innovative areas of the economy that we believe are poised for long-term growth
  • Uses bottom-up research to find high-quality companies with attractive valuations and potential for sustainable earnings and cash-flow growth
  • Benefits from the experience of the portfolio management team that has a deep history of investing in innovation and is supported by a research structure organized into collaborative sector teams

Talk to your Franklin Templeton representative to learn more about Franklin Innovation Active ETF (TSX: FINO).

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Learn more about Franklin Innovation Fund and Franklin Innovation Active ETF (TSX: FINO)

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