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Welcome to 2022 and
Lower Quotential Fees!

We are excited to announce significant fee
reductions for all Franklin Quotential Portfolios.

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2022 Global Investment Outlook

Our investment experts provided their views on factors and trends that will affect investment outcomes in 2022.

The True Liquidity of ETFs: Implied Liquidity

ETFs are at least as liquid as their underlying basket of securities. There is a more comprehensive way to measure how liquid an ETF is than simply looking at the average daily volume of the ETF itself.

On My Mind: To work, or not to work…

Of all recent economic trends, sluggish employment growth is perhaps the most important for investors to watch, says Franklin Templeton Fixed Income CIO Sonal Desai.

Blue Monday: Get a Booster Jab of Comedy!

On January 17th join us for a few laughs, howls, guffaws and chuckles. Register now!

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Invest in Innovation

Across all sectors, innovation is a key engine of growth that is creating long-term wealth – and it is accelerating.

Diversity and Inclusion

With employees living and working in over 30 countries, diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords to us. Diversity and inclusion is in our culture from top to bottom and impacts our lives every day.

After almost two decades in the Canadian ETF industry, what’s next?

The growth of ETFs has been one of the key developments in the investment industry over the past few decades.

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