Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Strategy

In times of volatility and uncertainty in the global markets, we are reminded of the importance of an optimally diversified portfolio. Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Strategy is designed to provide diversification beyond our borders and yields not available in the domestic credit markets. An actively managed strategy that incorporates top-down macro views and bottom-up analysis to find the best opportunities.

Since its launch in May of 2018, Franklin Liberty Global Aggregate Bond ETF (CAD-Hedged) (FLGA) has been a popular core global bond ETF for Canadian advisors and investors. We are very excited to now offer this strategy as a mutual fund – Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Fund.

Added Advantage of Plus Sectors

Access off-benchmark securities for enhanced diversification and yields, built over a strong foundation of core holdings.

Access Global Markets

Invests globally in investment-grade bonds, treasury bonds and sovereign debt.

Reduce Portfolio Risk

Seeks broad diversification across sectors and low-correlated positions, cognizant of foreign exchange, interest rates and other global conditions.

Leverage Active Fixed Income Expertise

Franklin Templeton Fixed Income is a global investment team with 145+ dedicated fixed income professionals, entrusted with more than CAD$190 billion in client assets.

Actively Managed to be Different than the Benchmark2,3,4

Actively Managed to be Different than the Benchmark2,3,4

Attractive Yields & High Quality Holdings2,3,5

Yield to MaturityAverage Credit QualityNUMBER OF BOND HOLDINGS
Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Strategy 2.03% A 198
Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate (100% Hedged into CAD) 1.12% AA- 27,196

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