Investing 101

Co-host a seminar that teaches investors the basics – without being basic.

This fast and funny presentation covers opportunity costs, goals-based investing, the power of compounding, and what we can all gain by not eating the marshmallow.

Your clients will…

  • Become aware of biases that can hold investors back
  • Recognize the hidden price of opportunity costs
  • Learn to approach investing as a means of achieving personal goals
  • See compounding in action
  • Meet their ‘future selves’ and learn to make better choices for their financial futures

This seminar is ideal for…

  • Clients and prospects who are new to investing.
  • Clients and prospects who are facing a major life event, such as an inheritance, promotion, retirement, or anyone who’s new to being a primary decision-maker.


This is a co-op presentation.

To be compliant, you’ll have to back-end it with 20-25 minutes of product content.

Recommended solutions:

  • Franklin Multi-Asset ETF Portfolios
  • Franklin Quotential
  • Franklin LibertyShares ETFs

Please submit your request through the GBS portal TWO WEEKS before your presentation.

Presentation (PPTX)

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“Dear Me” (Instructor-Led Exercise) (PDF)

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Demo Video

(English only)

This video is intended to help wholesalers prepare for their presentation and is not for advisor distribution.


For more information or to schedule a seminar, please contact your local Franklin Templeton team or email


Client Invitation


CE credits are not available for this investor-facing seminar.