Find an Advisor

How An Advisor Can Help You

It takes experience and sound judgment to manage investments – especially in volatile markets.

We recommend working with a qualified investment advisor. An advisor is the best person to help you set goals, make a plan and stay on track for a healthy financial future.

Your advisor will help:

  • assess your current financial situation
  • set personalised and realistic investment goals
  • recommend suitable products, solutions and services
  • keep you up-to-date on your progress
  • monitor the market and suggest adjustments when it’s time to change

How to Choose An Advisor

No two advisors are the same. It’s important to find someone whose investment approach, experience and area of expertise align with your goals.

Just as important: you’ve got to feel comfortable with the person you’re working with. Consider the three Rs of finding an advisor to help you start a relationship with someone you can trust to put your best interests first.

The three Rs of finding an advisor


Ask yourself what you want from your investment. What are your goals? How often do you want a portfolio checkup? And how much risk are you willing to accept along the way?


Talk to friends, family and colleagues. How did they choose their advisors—and are they happy with those relationships?


Ask prospective advisors if you can speak with their current clients. Do their clients understand the investment decisions they've made? Can they reach the advisor easily?

It won’t be as simple as looking up the nearest advisor but by following these tips, you’ll be more likely to find a partner who can help you reach your long-term goals.