Actively Solving
Income Challenges

With rates and yields so low, economies facing uncertainty and the potential for market volatility, this might be the time to revisit your fixed income holdings and the role they play in your portfolio.

Whether you are looking for fresh ideas to access attractive sources of yield, buffer against volatility, or simply add diversification in your portfolio, Franklin Templeton offers a suite of actively-managed, fixed income and balanced solutions to meet your needs.

Hunt for Yield

Where can income be found today?

As the global economy goes through an uneven recovery, the importance of thoughtful, skilled fundamental investment analysis cannot be emphasized enough. Active asset selection will be crucial. Recognizing regional and sectoral disparities can help investors identify and act on opportunities for multiple sources of return.

Manage Volatility

Where does risk-taking make sense today?

In times of turmoil, most investors become risk-averse, seeking safety over the opportunity for higher returns. As we begin to see some elements of normalised global economic growth with the breakthroughs on the COVID-19 vaccine front, taking measured risks can help to position portfolios effectively.

Seek Uncorrelated returns

What does “contrarian” mean today?

During periods of extreme volatility, correlations between asset classes can converge. It is an important reminder to construct portfolios that can provide true diversification when it is needed most. Flexible diversification across global fixed income, foreign exchange, and derivative markets is essential to fare well in changing interest rate and risk environments.

Featured Funds

GIC/Cash Alternative

Looking for a low-risk investment, offering higher yields and more upside potential than GICs and savings accounts?

Franklin Bissett Short Duration Bond Fund and Franklin Liberty Short Duration Bond ETF (FLSD)

These actively-managed, multi-sector fixed income solutions provide an attractive short duration option for investors concerned about volatility and the risk of rising interest rates.

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Looking for a time-tested, high-quality fixed income solution for the core part of your portfolio?

Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond Fund and Franklin Liberty Core Plus Bond ETF (FLCP)

These actively-managed solutions are built on a strong foundation of high-quality Canadian fixed income securities. The funds also provide access to “plus” sectors for investors seeking higher yields and more portfolio stability.

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Looking to tap into the higher yield and return potential in global fixed income markets?

Franklin Brandywine Sustainable Global Income Optimiser Fund

A global multisector fixed income fund with an unconstrained approach that seeks attractive income generation and total returns in all market conditions while guarding against downside risk. ESG considerations are deeply rooted in the investment selection process.

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Franklin Global Aggregate Bond Fund and Franklin Liberty Global Aggregate Bond ETF (CAD-Hedged) (FLGA)

These core global fixed income solutions invest in high-quality developed and emerging market bonds. By investing across regions and sectors, the funds provide access to a diverse range of opportunities beyond our borders.

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Looking for attractive monthly income or tax-efficient cashflow?

Franklin U.S. Monthly Income Fund

A fund that is primarily focused on maximizing income and long-term capital appreciation. To meet these objectives, a flexible approach is used to adjust the portfolio’s allocation to stocks, bonds, and convertible securities.

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Franklin Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio

A conservative, actively-managed fund-of-funds solution offering “one-stop” diversification. Though the portfolio has a target allocation of 80% fixed income and 20% equities, the investment team can tilt the weightings to reduce risk and capitalize on opportunities.

For more tax-efficient distributions than domestic bonds and GICs, the Franklin Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio is also available in T Series1.

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Why Franklin Templeton?

For more than 70 years, we have been delivering income solutions to investors around the globe. Our strong track record of navigating multiple market cycles, with breadth and depth of global presence, adds value for our clients’ investment needs.

Grounded in Active Management icon

Grounded in Active Management

We believe that fundamental research and robust risk management can help generate attractive returns and reduce volatility over the long term.

Utilise Multiple Research Perspectives icon

Utilise Multiple Research Perspectives

We bring together specialist investment managers with distinct styles to offer clients a full range of capabilities. Each manager follows a well-defined investment process that is rooted in the fundamental research, discipline, rigour and experience gained over decades of successfully navigating global markets and varying market environments.

Strategies to Address Client Needs icon

Strategies to Address Client Needs

With over 1,200 investment professionals located in 34 markets, we manage over 1.5 trillion USD* in assets and offer our clients a wide range of investment strategies spanning all major sectors.

Our Commitment to ESG icon

Our Commitment to ESG

We embed ESG best practices and analytics in our investment processes, enhancing our traditional financial analysis—to open new investment opportunities, help mitigate risk and seek to enhance long-term returns.

*As of 30 June 2020.