Defined Contribution Plans

We take an interactive, consultative approach to helping plan sponsors achieve their optimal plan design and improve outcomes for their participants. Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to help meet your objectives.

Our Approach

With over 20 years of experience serving the unique needs of defined contribution plans, we’ve developed a discerning perspective that enables us to stay in front of evolving industry trends. We believe that a key area of opportunity today is to better serve participants over 50 in their transition to retirement. 

Our unique perspective on retirement and the DC industry informs our approach to the market.

Take a longitudinal view of participants’ careers across multiple employers and plans.

Consider the retirement readiness of households, not just individuals.

Focus on people, not just plans. Most people are not the average participant, and most participants are not in the average plan.


Designed For Better Outcomes

Franklin LifeSmart® Portfolios is a suite of multi-asset, target-date portfolios available to Group RRSP service providers and pension plan sponsors. They offer:

  • Sophisticated simplicity for plan members who need only answer one question: When do I want to retire?
  • A tested glide path designed to protect investors from investment risk, retirement income shortfall and longevity risk.
  • Multi-asset diversification within each portfolio to provide broad exposure to multiple asset classes.
  • Tactical asset allocation along each glide path to help capitalize on short-term opportunities and manage risk in shifting market and interest rate environments.
  • The global expertise of Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions, a team that has provided multi-asset strategy solutions to affluent Canadian investors for more than 30 years.

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Quarterly Update

As part of our commitment to being your preferred partner, Franklin Templeton Investments is pleased to offer you market insights from the portfolio managers of the Franklin LifeSmart Portfolios.

Looking Past the Pandemic for Investment Solutions

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Looking Past the Pandemic for Investment Solutions video

Our Team

Chris Wright

Chris Wright
Vice President, Institutional Investment Services

Kin Chin, CFA

Kin Chin, CFA
Vice President, Institutional Investment Services

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Behavioural Finance and Building Better Retirement Plans

Canada is joining other developed economies in shifting away from defined benefit retirement savings plan in favour of defined contribution workplace retirement savings plans.

Optimizing Plan Design in Defined Contribution

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