Shocks to Macroeconomic Factors

At Franklin Templeton, we believe that exploring the proverbial “what if” as it relates to client portfolios is an objective worth pursuing. We seek to challenge commonly held views by providing a differentiated perspective and approach to asset allocation. 

Shocks to Macroeconomic Factors is a reflection of our ongoing conversations with asset owners and their consultants. It is through this dialogue that we explore the implications of unexpected changes, or “shocks”, and make them a fundamental part of our discussions.


Are Investors Ready For Big “What Ifs…?” 2019 Survey

Highlights from our 2019 investor survey, commissioned by Institutional Investor, which explores asset allocation, concerns about shocks and digs specifically into equity allocation. Download the report to learn more.


“What If …?” Shocks From Demographics

Why it’s time to master the “known unknowns” and to “do the math but guess the consequences”.


"What If..." Shocks From Geopolitics

Hear about home country bias as a “shock absorber” and the risk of “expropriation”.


"What if...?" Shocks to Interest Rates

Hear about inflection points and harken back to the good old days of the 1950s and ‘60s.


"What If...?" Shocks to Global Growth

The perils of “lazy portfolios” and the potential utility of “defensible space”.


"What if...?" Shocks to Inflation

Why it’s like a ninja (and a bit like cholesterol).


Our investment specialists frequently speak with CIOs and key decision-makers about “what if…” asset allocation decisions. Experience has taught us that the most beneficial discussions come from exploring the implications of what might happen―not guessing the future―and being prepared for those risks. These conversations with investors inside and outside the walls of Franklin Templeton help spark our thinking.


Wylie Tollette, CFA, CPA

  • Executive Vice President
  • Head of Client Investment Solutions

Gene Podkaminer, CFA

  • Senior Vice President
  • Head of Multi-Asset Research Strategies

Our investment specialists can help align your portfolio to be more prepared for the shocks that impact you the most. Our analysis combines client objectives with sensitivity to macroeconomic “shocks” and translates them into actionable portfolio adjustments.

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