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Templeton Global Macro has been a pioneer in unconstrained global fixed income investing for almost three decades, beginning with the launch of its flagship Templeton Global Bond Fund in 1986. The team conducts in-depth global macroeconomic analysis covering thematic topics, regional and country analysis, and interest rate, currency and sovereign credit market outlooks.

The team applies a fundamental, research-driven investment approach that focuses on identifying potential sources of high current income worldwide and seeks to capitalize on duration, currency, and sovereign credit opportunities to provide the best potential for solid risk-adjusted returns.

Templeton Global Macro follows a well-defined research process characterized by a regular review of investment opportunities. This process features forums scheduled throughout the month to share information on potential sources of alpha generation and to review current holdings and potential risk factors. Team members meet daily to discuss ongoing market activity, as well as political and macroeconomic events.

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Global Unconstrained Fixed Income


Unconstrained Fixed Income, Currency, Global Macro


  • Well-established and proven investment philosophy and process
  • Flexibility to express positive or negative views on global currencies and duration
  • Global investment platform spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia allows for specialized expertise and a truly global perspective
  • 20 investment professionals, 7 with Ph.Ds1

Global Macro Shifts

Global Macro Shifts

Global Macro Shifts is a research-based briefing on global economies featuring the analysis and views of Dr. Michael Hasenstab and senior members of Templeton Global Macro. Dr. Hasenstab and his team manage Templeton's global bond strategies, including unconstrained fixed income, currency and global macro. This economic team, trained in some of the leading universities in the world, integrates global macroeconomic analysis with in-depth country research to help identify long-term imbalances that translate to investment opportunities.

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