fixed income q1 2021

Uncover our investment team’s global fixed income and sector views for 2021 – key opportunities and outlook for Q1.

View our Global Fixed Income Macroeconomic & Sector Views.

Our Approach

Pursuing Alpha from Every Angle

As active managers, we believe the best way to pursue alpha is by integrating three areas of expertise into our portfolios: top-down macroeconomic analysis, robust bottom-up fundamental sector analysis and quantitative science.

A Deeply Collaborative and Specialized Team

Our team of over 140 seasoned investment professionals are located in 16 markets. Our global presence helps us to connect deeply-rooted localized knowledge in providing global expertise to manage over $140 billion in assets.1

Strategies that Address Numerous Client Needs

We offer investors a wide range of of fixed income strategies, spanning all major sectors and covering benchmark-aware and unconstrained portfolios, that seek to meet a diverse set of client needs.

Team Snapshot

Our Fixed Income On-The-Ground Fundamental
Research Spans Across The World

Over 140 fixed income investment professionals provide broad coverage of potential alpha opportunities across sectors and around the world

Team Overview1

140+ Professionals Globally

  • Established in 1970

  • Wide range of capabilities across Single & Multi-Sector Strategies

  • Fixed Income AUM $147.4 B

  • 38 years Average Investment Experience