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For over 30 years, Franklin Bissett Investment Management* has been applying a disciplined team approach to managing equity, income and balanced portfolios for Canadian investors. Our investment teams meet twice a week—ensuring our investment style remains consistent across all Franklin Bissett funds.

Growth at a Reasonable Price

Franklin Bissett managers are committed to GARP-style investing. We use bottom-up research to identify stocks with modest price-to-earnings ratios and companies with a history of sustainable, replicable growth.

Income and Equities: A Balanced Approach

The Franklin Bissett Asset Mix Team strives to maintain a balance between equities and income securities, and domestic and foreign investments, to suit market conditions.

Stable, Tax-Advantage Income

Portfolio decisions for each Franklin Bissett income fund are based on a combination of macro-level and security-level research and analysis. Our conservative income approach results in fully diversified portfolios characterized by relatively low downside risk and attractive yield characteristics.

* Part of Franklin Templeton Investments Canada.

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Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP)


Canadian, Global, Sectors


  • Experienced investment professionals covering all market sectors.
  • Consultative approach ensures investment style consistency across all Franklin Bissett funds.
  • Over 30 years of proven results, delivering high-quality equity, income and balanced solutions to Canadian investors.


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