Fixed Income

For decades, Franklin Templeton has been a leader and innovator in delivering fixed income solutions to investors around the globe. As a pioneer in global investing with an unmatched breadth and depth of global presence, we are uniquely positioned to add value for our clients and address their investment needs.

Our Approach

With more than 40 years of experience in global and domestic fixed income investing, we have a strong track record of navigating multiple market cycles, utilizing a consistent, fundamental, research-driven process. Our time-tested approach to fixed income investing seeks to actively exploit market inefficiencies to generate strong risk-adjusted returns over the long run.


We focus on sectors where we believe our independent ofers the greatest opportunities to add value for our clients.


We believe fixed income portfolios can best be managed by integrating three perspectives: top-down macro analysis, bottom-up sector analysis and quantitative insights to guide strategy allocations.


We take a long-term view for all we do, from the people we hire, to the markets we enter, to the solutions we offer and to the solutions we offer and to the investment decisions we make.

Broad Capabilities and Deep Resources in One Platform

  • A pioneer in global sector investing, and one of the worlds, largest managers in high-yield, bank loans, investment-grade corporates and municipals
  • Pursuit of diversified sources of potential alpha across securities, sectors and global markets
  • Value-added trading platform that includes our ability to structure new issuance and trade in local markets

Select Strategies

We offer a wide range of core and specialty fixed income strategies to institutional investors. Many of these strategies can be accessed via custom solutions, pooled vehicles and separate accounts.*


  • Franklin Bissett Canadian Core Bond
  • Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond
  • Franklin Bissett Short Duration Bond Fund
  • Franklin Bissett Money Market
  • Franklin US Core
  • Franklin US Core Plus
  • Franklin US Low Duration
  • Franklin Global Low Duration
  • Franklin Long Duration US Government/Credit
  • Franklin US Government
  • Franklin US Government Short Term
  • Franklin Strategic Mortgage
  • Franklin US TIPS
  • Franklin Municipals
  • Franklin Real Return
  • Franklin Global Aggregate
  • Franklin European Aggregate
  • Franklin European Aggregate Short Duration
  • Franklin UK Aggregate
  • Franklin Global Government
  • Franklin European Government



  • Franklin Bissett Corporate Bond
  • Franklin Global High Yield
  • Franklin US High Yield
  • Franklin European High Yield
  • Franklin Global Credit
  • Franklin Global Credit Plus
  • Franklin European Credit
  • Franklin Asia Credit
  • Franklin Long Credit
  • Franklin US Investment Grade Credit
  • Franklin US Floating Rate Bank Loans

Emerging Market

  • Franklin Emerging Market Debt Institutional Fund
  • Franklin Emerging Market Debt Opportunities
  • Franklin Emerging Market Corporate
  • Franklin Emerging Market Debt Investment Grade
  • Templeton Emerging Market Bond
  • Templeton Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond

Country Strategies

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Dubai – MENA
  • India
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico