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The way forward: navigating the covid challenge

The Program

Franklin Templeton and Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, enjoy a close partnership based on historical links. As part of our academic partnership program, we are launching a series of virtual academic sessions and investor panels under the headline “The Way Forward: Navigating the COVID Challenge”.

As investors try to make sense of how the pandemic is progressing and, more particularly, how the impact on their portfolios will be, “high profile” academics from Green Templeton College will be sharing and debating their latest research with investment professionals to deliver actionable insights for the way forward.

3 Academic

3 Investor

Actionable Investment

Themes & Sessions

The program will focus on a number of different aspects, ranging from framing the coronavirus challenge to key lessons learnt for recovery strategies and measuring progress towards a better future. Each of the academic sessions will be followed by an investor panel.

Framing the COVID Challenge

Academic session, 27 January: Insights from scenario planning and from earlier pandemics

Investor session, 9 February: Investing in the ‘new normal’

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Key Lessons for Recovery Strategies

Academic session, 10 March: Key lessons from COVID for recovery strategies

Investor session, 23 March: Sustainable Investment strategies in a post-COVID landscape

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Progress Towards a Better World

Academic session, 10 June: Building back better – but on what foundations?

Investor session, 29 June: Positioning for the next normal

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