Coping with a changing market landscape

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Quantitative Science—Actively Adding To Fixed Income Decisions

Quantitative vs. active debate? This Fixed Income Markets explains how our “active quant” approach sets us apart.

Coronavirus and the Implications for Emerging Markets

Our emerging markets equity team takes a look at the economic and market implications of the coronavirus.

Celebrating 65 Years In Canada

Look back at our 65 years of business in Canada with milestones, employee perspectives and more!

2020 Canadian Investment Outlook

The second half of 2019 marked a new global monetary easing cycle by the world’s central banks.

On My Mind: Oops! They QE’d Again

Is the Fed once again engaged in quantitative easing? Dr. Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, covers implications of the “permanently loose” policy stance.

Continued Support for Asset Returns

Our capital market expectations (CME) are designed to provide annualized return expectation over a longer-term horizon, typically viewed as being five to 10 years.

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Our capabilities in equity investing date back to the origins of the firm in the 1940s, spanning growth (Franklin) and value (Templeton®) styles.


We are a global leader in fixed income with depth and breadth of expertise in all major sectors of the fixed income market.


We offer investors additional sources of diversification and a broader opportunity set through our diverse alternatives offering.


We provide total portfolio solutions through a variety of outcome-oriented strategies to investors across the globe.