MRFPs and Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure (QPD) is enhanced reporting, designed to update you and your advisor on the funds in your investment portfolio. Under National Instrument 81-106, every mutual fund is required to prepare a quarterly summary of its investment portfolio called the QPD. QPDs for Franklin Templeton Investments funds will be posted here within 60 days following the end of the first and third quarter of each fund's fiscal year.

The QPD is also available to unitholders on request. Each fund's QPD will break down the entire portfolio by asset class weightings, industry weightings and regional weightings. If applicable, it will also disclose the fund's top 25 holdings as a percentage of the fund's net assets.

Please note: The information normally available in a Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure, following the second and fourth quarters, is contained within the semi-annual and annual Management Reports of Fund Performance. The QPDs listed on this page are for the first or third quarter, whichever is most recent.

The MRFP is an industry-wide requirement of securities regulators to supplement the annual and semi-annual financial statements of mutual funds. Due to regulatory changes resulting from National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure (NI 81-106), all mutual fund companies in Canada, including Franklin Templeton Investments, are required to provide the Annual and Semi-Annual MRFPs to their investors.

The MRFP includes the following information:

  • Commentary on each fund or portfolio's investments and performance over the reporting period;
  • Recent trends that could affect future performance;
  • Detailed information on each fund or portfolio's holdings;
  • Financial highlights for investors' funds and portfolios.

The MRFP replaces Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure (QPD) for the semi-annual and annual periods of a given fund's fiscal year.

MRFPs are available for download below in PDF format. MRFP documents from previous periods are also downloadable from SEDAR (

If you have any questions, please contact our Client Services team at 1.800.387.0830.

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