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Thursday, January 13th 2022 | 11 AM ET
Anatomy of a Recession Q1 2022

ClearBridge Investments

Please join us, as Jeff Schulze, Investment Strategist from ClearBridge Investments, and architect of the Anatomy of a Recession (AOR) program, provides his latest insights on a United States economy.

The Anatomy of a Recession (AOR) program is a practical, actionable guide to the U.S. economy and its potential impact on capital markets. ClearBridge Investments, a specialist investment manager of Franklin Templeton, developed the program using proprietary dashboards that track recession risk and recovery from a recession. The program makes it easier for you to identify signals of change in the economy and to stay abreast to critical market trends.

Let us help you identify the signals that matter and eliminate the noise in today’s new world.

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Monday, January 17th 2022 | 5:30 PM ET
Blue Monday: Get a Booster Jab of Comedy!

Treuer Laughs

The third Monday in January is called ‘Blue Monday’ because it’s considered the most depressing day of the year. The holidays are over. Post-holiday credit card bills are due. Winter causes generally lower motivation. In 2022, you can add a depressing Greek letter into the mix.

That’s why we want to give you a booster jab of comedy to lighten the mood.

Treuer Laughs will bring us performances by professional comedians from Canada and the USA. Leave your computer camera and microphone on to make for a more engaging comedic experience. Laugh out loud from a social distance!

There’ll be no lineups for this booster!

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Friday, January 21st 2022 | 11 AM ET
The Science of Influential Self-Presentation

Dr. Brynn Winegard

Dr. Brynn Winegard is back for another session, this time applying her research from multiple sciences to show you how to be a more effective, influential and persuasive communicator and presenter―both in-person and virtually. She believes great presenters aren’t born; they’re made. Presentation Skills are just that: a skillset that everyone can learn and hone over the course of their lives and careers to become more confident, poised, and influential as advisors and business communicators.

This webinar will be available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Thursday, January 27th 2022 | 11 AM ET
Navigating Fixed Income Uncertainty

Brandywine Global

Inflation remains stubbornly high, prompting central banks to consider increasing interest rates in 2022. Add to that the effect of the Omicron COVID-19 variant on the global economy. All of this only adds to the uncertainty for fixed income investors. They need a strategy to navigate volatile global markets while generating income and growth.

You’re invited to hear Brian Giuliano, Client Portfolio Manager with Brandywine Global, talk about an unconstrained fixed-income strategy that offers the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing markets. Brandywine’s Global Sustainable Income Optimiser strategy avoids sector biases by adapting sector exposures and actively managing duration. It also applies portfolio hedges and a margin-of-safety approach in security selection.

This webinar will be available in English and French.

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Webinar Replays

The Canadian Energy Roundtable
(recorded November 18th)
Franklin Bissett Investment Management

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Optimising Fixed Income
(recorded November 10th)
Franklin Templeton and Brandywine Global specialists

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Deep Water Waves: Global Fixed Income
(recorded November 5th)
Western Asset Management and Brandywine Global investment experts

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Growth for All Seasons
(recorded October 28th)
Franklin Equity Group


Investing with Innovation in Mind
(recorded October 21st)
Franklin Templeton and ClearBridge Investments specialists

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Anatomy of a Recession Q4 2021
(recorded October 13th)
ClearBridge Investments


Explore Bestbuilt KYP Tool
(recorded October 6th)
Sales Representatives

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Client Focused Reforms
(recorded September 2nd)
Sales Representatives

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History has shown us that while markets react to shocks in the short term, they have tended to reward patient investors over long periods of time."

Global Outlook Event 2022: What’s next for markets, economies & portfolios?

With so much uncertainty surrounding inflation, central bank policies, and economic growth (to name a few!), our annual outlook event provided insights on the trends and developments that we believe will impact investment outcomes in 2022 and beyond.

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