Franklin Bissett Short Duration Bond Fund

Fund Description

The fund seeks a high current income and preservation of capital by investing primarily in Canadian fixed-income securities including Canadian federal and provincial government bonds, corporate bonds, debentures and short-term notes. The fund may also invest in securities backed by mortgages or other financial assets, and dividend-paying shares of Canadian companies. The fund may invest in foreign fixed-income securities. The average weighted term-to-maturity of the fund’s investments is five years or less.

Franklin Bissett’s fixed income expertise. Franklin Bissett has been managing fixed income investments for nearly 30 years for individual, institutional and high net-worth clients.

Lower portfolio volatility. As short-term bonds are generally less sensitive to interest rate movements than longer-term bonds, they can help minimize the impact of rising rates on a portfolio and reduce overall portfolio volatility.


Darcy Briggs

  • Calgary, AB Canada
  • Years with firm: 16
  • Years of experience: 28

Adrienne Young

  • Calgary, AB Canada
  • Years with firm: 7
  • Years of experience: 27