Franklin Brandywine Global Income Optimiser Fund

Investment Objective and Strategy

The fund seeks high current income and some long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in fixed income securities issued in the United States and throughout the world.

Attractive return potential: An outcome-oriented fixed income solution that offers investors the upside potential of return-seeking fixed income while maintaining the volatility and defensive characteristics of core like bond exposures.

More consistent outcomes: A true multi-sector approach adapts portfolio risk exposures to the current market environment, enabling the portfolio to deliver outcomes less dependent on market ups and downs.

Strong downside protection: Utilizing a margin-of-safety philosophy (seeking to buy securities that are trading below their intrinsic value), our disciplined process delivers strong downside protection.


Jack McIntyre

  • Years with firm: 22

Anujeet Sareen

  • Years with firm: 4

Brian Kloss

  • Years with firm: 11

Tracy Chen

  • Years with firm: 12

Renato R Latini

  • Years with firm: 14

Michael Paul Arno

  • Years with firm: 14