Franklin Core ETF Portfolio

Fund Description

Provide a balance between long-term capital appreciation and income with an emphasis on long-term capital appreciation by investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) that invest in Canadian, U.S. and international fixed income and equity securities.

After conducting in-depth research and analysis, we carefully hand pick a combination of ETFs to create portfolios diversified by geography and asset class.

Active, Expert Management
The Portfolios are backed by the global expertise and research of our Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions team. Our investment experts actively manage asset allocation, fund selection, currency and risk, with the flexibility to tilt portfolios towards opportunities.

Ease of Access, Attractive Pricing
Franklin Multi-Asset ETF Portfolios are mutual funds that invest in ETFs. As a result, they combine some of the best features of both mutual funds and ETFs, such as active management, lower fees and an ability to use automatic investment plans, to name a few.


Michael Greenberg

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Years with firm: 15
  • Years of experience: 19

Ian M. Riach

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Years with firm: 22
  • Years of experience: 36