Building Your Business

Your business is a communications and relationships business. And it’s changing fast. It’s about more than just picking investment products — it’s about getting to know your clients, assessing their needs, connecting with them and helping them make the best choices for their current and future needs.

And now, regulatory changes mean increased transparency for your clients and having meaningful conversations with them has never been more important. They need confidence and peace of mind that your advice will help them achieve their financial goals. This is an excellent time to reinforce the value of the advice and services you provide to your clients.

The following is a sample of the resources we have available to help you identify and capture opportunities with your clients and prospects:

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It’s Your Move: Planning and Preparing for CRM2
Brochure (sign in to view)
Use this brochure as a reference guide to the CSA’s amendments to NI 31-103 and its Companion Policy (known as Client Relationship Model – Phase 2 or CRM2). We highlight the key aspects of each phase, insights on what’s ahead, and a list of helpful tools and resources to help you identify and capture opportunities.
Practice Capacity
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Time is your most valuable commodity and it is more important than ever to ensure that it is allocated for maximum impact. This workbook is a great first step to understanding where you spend your time and whether changes need to be made to sustain and grow your business.
What Does the Client See?
Presentation Overview (3:05)
This presentation provides steps to minimize pre-meeting anxiety felt by some clients and prospects and communication tips to help break down barriers and get to the root of your client’s financial situation.
What’s Your Story?
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Editable workbook (sign in to view)
Create a concise, cohesive and easily repeatable statement that sells your most valuable product — you! We’ll teach you how to increase referrals by identifying your unique story, sharing that story with others and creating an identity piece that fits you.
How to Start a Client Advisory Council
Booklet (sign in to view)
Your best clients know better than anyone what you do well and what you could be doing better. This step-by-step guide explains how bringing these clients together as an advisory council can help you find more, similar clients and jump-start your business-building efforts.
Client Review Meetings
Checklist (sign in to view)
Well-orchestrated, face-to-face interactions are paramount for successful client relationships. This handout helps you to examine key steps to take — before, during, and after — to ensure effective client meetings.
Developing Your Business Plan: Effective Planning to Help Grow Your Business
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While most of you have strategies and tactics in mind for growing your business, a written plan can help you use your time more efficiently, identify gaps and ultimately provide a blueprint by which you can grow your practice. This interactive presentation features strategies for setting goals, developing action plans to achieve them and reminders about monitoring progress.
bestbuilt: Test Drive Your Best Ideas
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Website (launch tool)
bestbuilt® Hypotheticals can help you develop recommendations, test-drive your best ideas and deliver professional reporting, making it easier for you to showcase your value as a financial advisor. Start using bestbuilt® Hypotheticals today and help your clients and prospects visualize their potential.
Own Your Future: Women Mean Business
Web page
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Have you tapped into the world’s largest, fastest growing market? Ask your Franklin Templeton sales representative about our client-facing seminar, Own Your Future. This turnkey program can help you build successful advisor/client relationships with women investors.
Rethink Referrals
Ask your representative for a detailed review of this program
This program aims to provide advisors with techniques to grow their business through referrals. Advisors will learn actionable steps to create a value statement and ways to identify their best referral sources through concepts such as a client’s circle of influence, the 80/20 rule and the loyalty ladder.

Fee-based Advisors:

Are you a fee-based advisor or are you considering a switch to a fee-based practice? Reference the following materials designed specifically for fee-based advisors or visit our fee-based page.

Transitions: Supporting the Fee-for-Service Advisor
Brochure (sign in to view)
Considering a move to fee-based? Use this brochure to understand how changing your business model can benefit both you and your clients. Includes tips on shifting your business, a list of additional resources to use once you've made the switch, plus a list of Franklin Templeton funds available on this platform and their management expense ratios (MERs).


We are here to help. Contact our Sales & Marketing Services Team at (855) FT-FUNDS to discuss these materials and other tools and programs we have introduced.