The Green Room

Duane Green, President and CEO of Franklin Templeton Canada, blogs about people and priorities in the asset management industry.



Lessons in Leadership #2 - “Make Little Things Count & The Importance of Communi...

“Every little thing counts in a crisis,” said Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India and a person who lived through a few historic crises.

Lessons in Leadership #1 - “The versatility and adaptability of our staff”

Working with a team that’s trying to support clients during a global pandemic has given me a full appreciation for how ordinary daily actions can be extraordinary. The simple act of going to work, even at a living room table or in a basement office, is now a new endeavor for Canadians across the cou

Black History Month

Celebration of the achievements and contributions of African and Caribbean Canadians to our communities and country.

International Women’s Day

From challenge comes change, so let’s all Choose to Challenge!


Franklin Templeton joins with Chinese Canadians in celebrating the Year of the Owl

Celebrating Pride

We asked our Employees What Pride Means to Them.

Happy Canada Day

Franklin Templeton’s employees proudly wish Canada a Happy Birthday.

Mental Health

Join us in supporting Mental Health Awareness