Own your future

women mean business


Worldwide, women earn $12 trillion in income and present an investable asset base that is expected to grow to $4.3 trillion by 2018*. As powerful as those figures are, recent studies suggest that a leading source of dissatisfaction for Canadian women is financial investing

As the key spending decision makers in many households, why is it that Canadian women have less confidence in their levels of investment knowledge, their financial futures, and in their abilities to meet their financial goals than Canadian men?

When it comes to financial advice, women look for someone trustworthy who understands their priorities**. Moreover, they appreciate the service.

If you want clients who are willing to learn from your experience, listen to your advice and hopefully stay on your books for the long term, women investors constitute a business-building opportunity you can't afford to overlook.

Own Your Future is a program developed by Franklin Templeton Investments designed to help advisors improve their level of engagement with this market.

Discover how Own Your Future can help you build successful advisor/client relationships with women investors and tap into this powerful and growing market opportunity.

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