Automatic Rebalancing Service

Franklin Templeton's Automatic Rebalancing Service—saving you time and helping your clients maintain their optimal asset mix.

Four Key Benefits

  1. Save time on portfolio rebalancing decisions
  2. Maintain each client's balance and adhere to their KYC
  3. Remove emotions and put your clients at ease
  4. Take advantage of the flexibility of Corporate Class

As well, regular rebalancing can maintain the long-term risk profile your clients prefer and may lead to better results over time.

How does it work?

Send us an Automatic Rebalancing Service form with the following information:

  • Target asset mix. Indicate the funds to rebalance along with the agreed upon allocation proportions.
  • Variance trigger. Tell us how far your client's holdings can deviate before they need to be reset.
  • Rebalancing frequency. Tell us how often to rebalance your client's selected funds: quarterly, semi-annually, or at the end of every year.

Your clients' accounts will be reviewed and, if necessary, rebalanced on the second last business day of the month ending the quarter, semi-annual period or year.

Use our investor tool to get the conversation started, and contact your Franklin Templeton Sales Representative at 1.800.897.7286 if you have any questions about putting this service to work for you.