Investing for Post-Secondary Education

Contributing to an RESP

Your client can make purchases as they go, or they can set up a preauthorized contribution plan when they open the account.

  • The government allows up to $50,000 in contributions per beneficiary
  • The government awards up to $7,200 in basic and additional CESG per beneficiary
  • Beneficiaries will not be awarded grant on contributions made after December 31st of the year they turn 15 unless they meet this requirement:


When a subscriber contributes more than the $50,000 lifetime limit, they’re generally required to pay a 1% per month tax on their share of the over-contribution until it’s withdrawn.

More information

  • Calculating CESG – find out how CESG is calculated
  • CESG Limits – detailed information about applicable limits of CESG and ACESG
  • Over-Contributions – information about over-contributions and withdrawals of over-contributions.


Investor Flyer – Client-friendly sales piece that explains the benefits of opening a Franklin Templeton RESP