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How to invest your clients’ hard earned money is an important part of what you do as an advisor. The bestbuilt Hypothetical Tool can help you develop “second opinion” reviews and test investment ideas before making a recommendation.

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Access to a Broad Selection of Mutual Funds and ETFs

The key to building better portfolios is having the right investment solutions. bestbuilt provides access to not only Franklin Templeton mutual funds but the entire universe of Canadian mutual funds and hundreds of ETFs.

A Variety of Investment Scenarios

Some clients are ready to dive head first into investing while others may want to invest smaller amounts over time. This tool can show a variety of investment scenarios - from lump-sum investing to dollar-cost averaging. It can also demonstrate the results of income generation plans and periodic rebalancing.

Detailed Portfolio Analysis

Each customized report provides detailed analysis that includes performance and risk metrics like Beta and Standard Deviation.

How bestbuilt Hypotheticals can help you today!

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