Personal Rate of Return

Dollar-weighted formula

For most of us, investing is an active process. Investors switch, sell and make multiple purchases, and each of these transactions impacts their account's performance.

The dollar-weighted method allows us to accurately report
each investor’s performance starting with their first purchase.

The dollar-weighted method considers the size and timing of cash flows, as well as the performance of the investor's funds. Periods in which more money is invested contribute more to the overall return - thus the term "dollar-weighted."

The formula for the dollar-weighted rate of return:

The formula for the dollar - weighted rate of return

BMV = Beginning Market Value
EMV = End Market Value
F = cash flow amount
t = time of cash flow
r = the internal rate of return (IRR) that equates everything on the right side of the equation to zero.


Transaction information:

  • Beginning Market Value (BMV): Purchase, August 17, 2015 $265,931.65
  • Cash flow 2: Purchase, December 8, 2015 $ 20,000.00
  • Cash flow 3: Redemption, December 18, 2015 $ 1,144.36
  • Cash flow 4: Purchase, May 18, 2016 $20,000.00
  • End Market Value (EMV): as at September 30, 2016 $346,142.19

Rule: Solve for 0 (zero) to determine r

Example of  Personal Rate of Return

r = 0.12830944
Your Personal Rate of Return r = 12.83% (Not a de-annualized value)

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