A high-quality multi-faceted global fixed income strategy

Deploys multiple diversified strategies that benefit in different market environments so no one strategy dominates performance

We are at a unique junction where, interest rates are low, inflationary pressures are high and may remain high for longer than previously expected. In Canada and the U.S. at least, central banks and the governments have stated their intention to wind down stimulus programs and may raise policy rates sooner than expected. At the same time, the new COVID variant has started to spread rapidly, and may have increased the level of uncertainty about what the future holds. It is in these uncertain times that it is critical to have a ballast in your portfolio to risky assets. A high-quality fixed income portfolio like Franklin Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund may provide that needed safety and protection for your portfolio.

Franklin Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund

This strategy seeks to maximize total return in a risk-controlled manner via an actively managed, well diversified high-quality fixed income portfolio that includes exposure to opportunistic debt sectors for added yield and diversification.

  • An actively managed, high-quality, multi-sector fixed income portfolio
  • A portfolio ballast for risker assets
  • A diversifier to Canadian core fixed income
  • Exposure to global fixed income with a tilt towards U.S. markets
  • Strategic exposure to spread sectors (i.e. non-governmental fixed income investments)
  • A long-term fundamental value manager to capitalize on market inefficiencies
  • Investment Grade Securities: minimum 70%
  • Non-USD Denominated Securities: maximum 20%
  • Portfolio Duration: +/- 30% of Benchmark*
  • Portfolio Hedged to CAD: 100% (+/- 2%)

*Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate (Hedged into CAD) Index

Key Features

Core Plus Bond Strategy
Aims to deliver returns through active investments in high-quality global core fixed income securities with limited opportunistic investments in high-yield, emerging markets, and other off-benchmark debt securities.

Effective Across Market Cycles
Tapping into multiple drivers of returns and adding value across duration, yield curve, sector allocation, security selection, country and currency strategies, this multi-faceted strategy is equipped to dampen volatility and generate returns across market cycles.

Team-Based, Time-Tested Philosophy
For over 50 years, Western Asset has employed an integrated team-based investment approach around a long-term fundamental value-oriented investment philosophy.

Rigorous Risk Management Process
The strategy employs a proprietary fixed income risk analysis system, Western Information System for Estimating Risk (WISER), and integrates various risk tolerances to protect assets. The risk management process is driven by robust communication and escalation procedures that prioritizes transparency.

Strong Long-term Performance (USD) – Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund I


Source: Franklin Templeton Investments and Morningstar Research Inc. As of December 31, 2021.

About Western Asset

Founded in 1971, Western Asset has over 50 years of experience managing fixed income solutions with over 600 billion in asset under management as of September 30, 2021.

Western Asset specializes in managing fixed income strategies, employing a proven investment philosophy and process to protect capital and drive long-term growth for clients.

The firm is globally integrated, operating as a single team with an open, integrated investment platform bringing together the combined acumen of investment professionals throughout the world.

Meet the team

Western Asset is recognized for an approach emphasizing team management and intensive proprietary research, supported by robust risk management. The fund leverages the global breadth of Western Asset’s investment platform, fundamental value-oriented investment philosophy and process that combines top-down macro-economic views with bottom-up fundamental research.

S. Kenneth Leech

S. Kenneth Leech

Chief Investment Officer,
Industry experience 44 Years

Julien A. Scholnick, CFA

Julien A. Scholnick, CFA

Associate Portfolio Manager
Industry experience 24 Years

Mark Lindbloom

Mark Lindbloom

Portfolio Manager
Industry experience 43 Years

John L. Bellows

John L. Bellows, PHD, CFA

Associate Portfolio Manager
Industry experience 12 Years

Frederick R. Marki

Frederick R. Marki, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Industry experience 38 Years