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  1. When do you expect to start drawing an income from this investment (i.e., stop saving and start spending)?

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  1. Assuming normal market conditions, what would you expect from this investment over time?

  2. How much of a decline in your assets could you tolerate in any given year?

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Franklin Quotential offers a wide range of investment solutions, designed to align with your needs.

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The investment questionnaire is to be used as a guide only and is not a replacement for investment advice.

The investment policy statement provides general guidelines for managing your investment portfolio. It is to be used as a tool to assist in selecting a portfolio which best suits your client's investment objective. The quality of this policy statement depends on the accuracy of the information provided and on the assumptions used in the investment plan. Any information provided on this investment policy statement should be reviewed and analyzed. Investment professionals should take into account all information about a client that is required to assess the total financial needs. This statement is intended to be a guide only. No investment advice is being provided by Franklin Templeton Investments.

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