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Franklin Quotential

Steve R. Lingard

Steve R. Lingard, CFA, MBA

Co-lead Manager
Michael Greenberg

Michael Greenberg, CFA, CAIA

Co-lead Portfolio Manager

A key to successful investing is flexibility. Franklin Quotential is a series of managed solutions that are structured for the long term, yet stay flexible with active management to seize short-term opportunities. With a range of portfolios to choose from, you'll find the right solution to match your goals and time line. And you'll have the confidence of knowing that your portfolio is managed by experts to shift towards timely opportunities with an eye to managing risk — while you take care of what matters most in your life.

The Franklin Quotential Portfolios

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Franklin Quotential Merger

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Franklin Templeton Investments has built a truly global investment platform. The breadth and depth of these resources and the products available provide all the building blocks necessary for a successful managed solution.

Multi-Asset Strategy Experts

Franklin Quotential portfolios are managed by Franklin Templeton Solutions (FT Solutions), a team of 70 multi-asset experts focused on long-only strategies, alternative strategies and tactical asset allocation strategies. The team is embedded within Franklin Templeton Investments — a worldwide, integrated platform combining access to the local insights and global perspective of over 600 investment professionals.

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Each Franklin Quotential portfolio has a strategic allocation target designed to match an investor's risk tolerance and goals, but near-term opportunities and unusual risks can arise out of prevailing economic and market conditions. Franklin Quotential's portfolio managers make ongoing tactical allocation decisions that adjust each portfolio's exposure in recognition of these risks and opportunities.

The Franklin Quotential Building Blocks

Franklin Templeton's independent portfolio management groups provide specialized expertise over a broad range of products that are used to build Franklin Quotential Portfolios.

  • Franklin — U.S. equity and fixed income specialists
  • Templeton — A global equity and global fixed income pioneer
  • Franklin Mutual Series — Deep value specialists, including distressed debt and merger arbitrage
  • Franklin Bissett — Canadian equity and fixed-income experts

Franklin Quotential's tax-efficient investment options give you the flexibility to grow and preserve your wealth.

Wealth Accumulation

Corporate Class1 allows you to switch between various investments and gain from compound growth within a tax-deferred structure as your needs evolve. You can:

  • Change investments without incurring a taxable event2
  • Benefit from compound growth
  • Enjoy a lifetime of flexibility and tax-efficiency

Retirement Income

Corporate Class Flexible Series T lets you defer capital gains tax3 until later and enjoy a higher cash flow during retirement. You can:

  • Structure your retirement income around specific requirements
  • Continue to grow your assets through preferential tax treatment
  • Customize your desired cash flow up to a maximum target annual distribution4

1 The tax consequences of an investment in a Corporate Class fund or portfolio will depend in part on the tax position of Franklin Templeton Corporate Class Ltd. As a whole and will differ from an investment in a mutual fund that is not part of a multi-class structure. Clients should obtain advice from a qualified tax specialist on taxation matters.
2 Switches between funds or portfolios within the Corporate Class structure are not taxable transactions. Capital gain taxes will be payable by the investor if the Corporate Class Fund is redeemed or switched out of the Corporate Class structure.
3 Series T distributions are return of capital (ROC). When an investor's Adjusted Cost Base reaches zero and continued ROC distributions are received, taxes on capital gains are incurred.
4 Maximum target annual distribution rate on Series T varies between 5%–8% set for the individual fund or portfolio. Investors may choose their desired ROC cash payout rate, the remainder will be reinvested.